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ITG Consulting is a small, highly-specialized consulting company which provides expert-level professional services in the Information Technology sector to a wide range of major technology vendors, service providers & clients in the US & Canada.

The company’s specialties include:

· Storage Optimization/Assessment Studies

· Data storage & Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) solution services, including regulatory compliance

· OAM Troubleshooting, Optimization & Migration services

· Data migration and conversion automation services

· Document & text management services

· Application & platform re-engineering services

· Generic OS/390 & z/OS support services

· Application development  —  software coding & testing to support the services described above

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Examples of the data management/

ILM challenge



Data Growth

· GB of data created per second  —  400

· Annual data growth  —  70%

· Annual data to be archived  —  80%

· Exabytes to manage this year  —  40