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Data Migration & Conversion

Data Migration  —  Describes the process where data is copied to new or upgraded storage hardware or media type, within the current application.  Normally handled via utilities, but may require code development to automate the process.

Data Conversion  —  Describes the process where data is copied to a new application and/or across a different platform, and the data involves re-formatting or conversion, such as EBCDIC to ASCII.  May be handled via 3rd party software, but may also require additional code development to handle format differences, for example to apply XML tags.

Supported Processes:

· IBM 3995 optical disk  —  all models & types, including:

· OAM-based  —  optical disk to native tape, WORM or non-WORM

· OAM-based  —  optical disk to Lifecycle Director tape, WORM or non-WORM

· Sun StorEdge SAM-FS migration  —  all supported media types

· OS/390 & z/OS tape-to-tape migration

· OS/390 & z/OS to open systems data conversion

· OS/390 & z/OS DCF/SGML data to Windows application conversion

· Document management application data migration & conversion

· Inquire/Text data migration & conversion

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