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A storage optimization or assessment study is a highly effective way to significantly reduce storage management TCO, and/or address problems & challenges in storage administration.

Our methodology reflects the following approach:

· Establish the study’s objectives and determine scope

· Conduct interviews with key staff members to develop a full appreciation of the storage group’s operations

· Deploy the client’s SRM tool(s) to capture the appropriate metrics for the study’s scope  —  alternatively, use Tek-Tools’ Profiler product in cases where an SRM tool isn’t in place

· Analyze all of the information produced from the data-gathering phase, in the context of industry trends,  best practices and extensive prior experience

· Develop the study deliverables  —   the formal report document, and optionally an executive presentation, which reflect:

—  Study findings

—  Recommendations, plus supporting rationale

—  Associated benefits and potential cost reduction

Typically, the recommendation section contains a series of inter-related, complementary items which combine best-practice techniques, technology & tools, plus policy/process/staffing/infrastructure content, to collectively meet the study objectives.

Experience from previous similar projects indicate that the study inevitably generates extremely significant potential cost reductions, in the 7– or 8– figure range for larger storage environments, and the ROI is orders-of-magnitude larger than the up-front investment cost for the study.


Storage Optimization Studies

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